Cajun chefs, bluesmen and red-haired women people the art of
Stan Street. On his canvas, New Orleans's Delta and Florida’s Big
Cypress Swamp blend into a stew of red hot licks and blazing was
only after years as a recognized blues musician in Florida that
he took up brush and paint. Street’s earliest art celebrated the
blues pioneers in wide slashes of brilliant color on slabs of
discarded wood, rescued from anonymity with portraits of the
likes of Muddy Waters, Elmore James, Robert Johnson.  After
some time in New Orleans, the juke joints and blues festivals of
the deep South started to breathe on his canvas. As he
experimented with different styles, drawing on the
Impressionists and Expressionists, Street “took what he needed
to know and went from there”.  Bold strokes and colors played
out the sounds he heard and played as a musical artist. “Being
self-taught is an advantage, in that doors are always open for
new development. My art will always have a primitive feel to it
and I try to give it movement and life.”

The biggest influence on Street’s art is the perspective of being a
blues musician. Growing up in New York he was influenced by
his father and uncle - classical percussionists - who encouraged
his creativity. He took up: sax, harmonica, percussion and
singing, accumulating credits in award winning blues groups. He
tours the Canadian blues festival circuit as well as blues festivals
and honkytonks of Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi and
Georgia.  Although Street called Florida his "home" for more
than 25 years, he has moved to Clarksdale, Mississippi, where he
finds common ground with the primordial blues of the Delta,
and also will be closer to New Orleans, Chicago, and Kansas City.

Putting the music in his head and the vision of his travels onto
canvas are as natural as blowin’ a slow, low, blue note through
his well-worked sax. Street readily acknowledges one art form
supports the other and that his art work and his music are works
in progress. Leaving open the question “ does the music support
the art or does the art support the music?” To the fans of Stan
Street, that is a question that hopefully is never answered!

.......Linda-Lou Nelson, founder South Florida Blues Society
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Hambone Art Gallery
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Clarksdale, Mississippi 38614
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Stan Street & Morton Omlit at Notodden Blues Festival, Norway
Stan Street & Morton Omlit at Notodden Blues Festival, Norway
Stan Street & Morton Omlit at Notodden Blues Festival, Norway
Stan Street & Morton Omlit at Notodden Blues Festival, Norway
Stan Street & Pinetop Perkins at Ground Zero Blues Club, Clarksdale
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